What I do

  • Extract data from any website
  • Automate actions flow, human-like
  • Insure data integrity, data format
  • Deliver data as .csv, .xls or .json (including APIs)
  • 100% success rate with a home made high-end technology

What It Means I Can Do

  • Process unordered data from several websites
  • Send automatic messages via forms
  • Download millions of data including images
  • Extract lists, tables, texts, any specific content (emails for ex)
  • Detect all kind of information (socials info, contact details, etc)

What It Takes

  • Fees start at 299€ and evolves based on data type, website structure and many other parameters
    (Please ask for further details)
  • Free test sample for any request
    Meaning you always get to see what the data will look like before we start the project
  • Can be done within a day
    Depending on availibility status at the time & your request complexity
  • Project specs, Quotation, Invoice with 50% at project start and 50% at delivery
    Follow up by email, live chat or phone calls - monthly fees applicable for API needs only
  • Client Privacy